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In 1972, author Leo Buscaglia wrote in his book entitled “Love” that leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives. Could a…

In 1972, author Leo Buscaglia wrote in his book entitled “Love” that leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives. Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?

Caprice Overstreet was 12 years old when her mother, siblings, and she moved from Chicago to Minneapolis. She attended Roosevelt High School and later became a teen mom. While on Google one day in search of job possibilities, Overstreet came upon an opening at North Memorial. Raised by her late older sister whose authentic love inspired, supported, and challenged her, failure to succeed simply wasn’t an option. Exceptional leadership skills and a love and compassion for the well-being of people, especially those residing in North Minneapolis, were always a part of her being. Tamisha Overstreet, her sister, was her biggest fan. But it has been the caring and professional leadership at North Memorial that has helped her grow in a variety of supervisory positions for the past 20 years. Today, she supervises the North Memorial Welcome Center.

“I appreciate every day I can make a positive impact on community members visiting the hospital. But I must admit,” said Overstreet, “that COVID19 has taken its toll on more than just our customers. There has been a huge impact on our daily work. It’s stressful and it’s hard. We have families, too. But in our various roles, we have learned to lead with empathy because our leaders have been the teachers and the role models. We want North Minneapolis residents to know that many of our staff associates have been where they are when they come to us. We understand. It wasn’t and isn’t easy, but we survived and many of us are thriving. We’re able to build our professional portfolio by growing and elevating in our diverse fields of endeavor. We’re able to work toward a career that makes sense!”

“I love it when the Chief Administrative Officer, Sam Hansen, has her monthly fireside chats – informal conversations where we hear what’s on her mind and we share our good days and concerns,” Overstreet said. “We are family. No matter the role, everyone is important. The leaders at North Memorial Health take time to care. Employees still take time to say, Hello.”

North Memorial Health remains committed to serving, creating opportunities, and providing quality health care for deserving customers. As in most organizations and institutions, success in such an unpredictable global environment requires well-researched, evidence based, and innovative marketing techniques attributing to the institution’s expansion. There’s a history of professionalism and a consistent attitude of involvement that distinguishes North Memorial’s vision and mission.

Shauntel Burzynski, a human resources professional in North Memorial’s talent acquisition team is passionate about finding the right person for the right position. She is an advocate for finding the best candidates, even when the selection pool is not very dense. Burzynski says she refuses to give up on finding the right person for the right role to support team members who care about other people.

“I think a lot of our organization’s success and caring ambiance has to do with integrity, pulling that curtain back, introducing ourselves, and beginning that important conversation. ‘What’s on your mind right now? How can we begin this process of healing and change our attitude about taking care of your health?’ But it’s also about transparency, kindness, teamwork, compromise, respect, empathy, and communication among leaders and team members,” Burzynski said.

“I believe NMH leadership’s system of reaching out to team leaders and staff is what makes the ship float. We receive regular communications pieces from management that keeps us informed as to what is happening at the administrative level. If we have questions, the top brass is always open to address them. If they don’t know the answer and they think it’s important to find out, they will research and find the answer,” Burzynski said. “I’ve only been in Minneapolis since November of 2020, and it’s been a pleasure and an honor to work at North Memorial Health. I feel comfortable coming to work and knowing that someone will always have my back and appreciate my dedication and work.”

Burzynski says her role at NMH is about “training, clarifying, and empowering.” She might ask a candidate, “What are you really interested in doing with the rest of your life? How can I get you to where you want to be? What are the first steps? What do you need to learn?”

She said there is a range of opportunities for gainful employment and support for continued education, training, and climbing the career ladder.

Employment opportunities include:

Healthcare professionals and medical tecniciansEnvironmental Health (Housekeeping)Dietary AidesAmbulances DriversClericalITFinance

North Memorial has some remote positions in customer service. Potential representatives must complete 3 to 4 weeks of on-site training. Ambulance drivers often progress to being an EMT or a paramedic, they can drive while working towards their credentials for the advanced positions. Some have completed their studies and training in 6 months.

North Memorial looks for people for whom English is a second language, providing opportunities to start out at an entry level positions and have the chance to practice speaking and writing English. Burzynsko said if a candidate applies for a position that is not a good fit for now, it could be a good fit later with research and training. North Memorial supports continued education and career growth and offers tuition reimbursement programs.

For more information on career opportunities at North Memorial Health:

(763) 581-6947


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